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Cloud Engineer (CE)

As a Cloud Engineer you've responsible for maintaining cloud computing systems. Their work involves a lot of technical computer programming knowledge and they need to be familiar with computer hardware as well.


Design and develop cloud platform to empower the engineering team

Collaborate together to work on open source projects

Building and managing fully automated build/test/deployment environments

Pair with team members on functional and non-functional requirements and spread design philosophy and goals across the team

Own the full lifecycle of feature development from design through testing and release

Continuously improve code quality, product execution and customer delight

Collaborate with security team to improve the security of our platform

Understand the user and their behaviour and will continuously contribute to make their experience better with each release


1 - 3 years of experience in designing, developing, testing and deploying distributed applications or services in either Golang, Ruby, Rust, Python or other languages

1- 3 years of professional experience developing in Linux / OSX environment

Willingness to learn new languages and methodologies

Continuously refactor applications and architectures to maintain high quality levels

Experienced with Infrastructure As Code such as Terraform

Knowledge of configuration management systems such as Puppet, Chef, Salt, or Ansible

You have experience with container technologies: CGroups, Docker, Rocket, LXC etc

You have a basic understanding of cluster orchestrators and schedulers (Kubernetes, LX, etc)

Deadline kirim lamaran : 14 Jul 2020

codex Hiring for Telkom Indonesia