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Software Documentation Engineer (SDE)

As a Software Documentation Engineer, your primary role is in creating all needed documentation, with specific emphasis on the technical area.


Create, update, and maintain all documentation each of software / product life cycle.

Within a cross-functional team, collaborate with other developers, software architect, quality assurance, UI designer, UX researcher, product owner, and scrum master.

Scripting for API Documentation and Mockup.

Learn multiple tools for the job.

Create data model, diagram, workflow, and so forth to assist technical team.


Have 2 years experience in Document Engineer

Fluent in using Swagger or Apiary.

Experienced in using Confluence / Wiki.

Good Knowledge of Database,API, Agile Methodology such as Scrum or Kanban.

Expert in pseudocode,UML Design, ERD and Flowchart.

Familiar with user guide, system documentation, testing documentation, architectural documentation.

Deadline kirim lamaran : 14 Jul 2020

codex Hiring for Telkom Indonesia