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Backend Developer (BD)

As a Backend Developer, your primary role is in developing high-quality backend services with specific emphasis on long-term maintainability, resilience, and high scalability.

You are going to write codes that integrate with various other systems.

You will work with a small team and can switch teams or projects depending on business needs.

Together with other developers within your team, you are fully empowered to own the systems within your area of responsibility in production.

We need people who are willing to learn and great passion in solving problems using technology.


Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging

Write clean code to develop functional web applications

Troubleshoot and debug applications

Perform UI tests to optimize performance

Manage cutting-edge technologies to improve legacy applications

Collaborate with Front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server side logic

Gather and address technical and design requirements

Provide training and support to internal teams

Build reusable code and libraries for future use

Liaise with developers, designers and system administrators to identify new features

Follow emerging technologies

General Requirements:

1. Knowledge of Unix/Linux environments and CLI, SQL / NoSQL database

2. Knowledge about Microservices Architecture.

3. Good Knowledge of RESTFul APIs.

4. Experienced in building large-scale web apps/services/APIs.

5. Experienced using Cloud Service (ex. AWS, Azure), Container Platform (Docker) & CI/CD deployment.

Specialist Requirements for NodeJS:

1. Experienced in more than 2 projects which use NodeJS as backend services.

2. Preferably good practice in using of Restify.

3. Experienced with caching (redis), message broker (kafka,rabbitmq), ELK stack (elasticsearch , logstash , kibana), APM (application performance management), Microservice Architecture

Specialist Requirements for Golang:

1. Experienced in more than 2 projects which use Golang as backend services.

2. Experienced with caching (redis), message broker (kafka,rabbitmq), ELK stack (elasticsearch , logstash , kibana), APM ( application performance management), Microservice Architecture"

Deadline kirim lamaran : 14 Jul 2020

codex Hiring for Telkom Indonesia